District Response
February 27, 2013

In response to media interpretation of Lumberton Independent School District administration and staff, the school district would like to emphasize the profile of the school. The students within our school district are taught to learn to think for themselves. Our goal is to educate students to be aware of this global society and the accolades and dangers that exist; as well as, excelling in the adopted curriculum. The school district is continuously evaluating the curriculum to make sure we stay abreast of best practices and to use the most efficient and effective methods to teach our students. The school district is one of a few school districts in this area that has achieved meeting Adequate Yearly Progress through federal accountability, as well as a Recognized School District in the State of Texas.

In reference to "freedom fighters," the teacher used the quote in her classroom from Gerald Seymour in his 1975 book Harry's Game which stated "one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." The point of this quote was to create conversation to show how one group can perceive an action according to their own agenda. Discussion among the students focused on how people can twist the word "freedom fighter" and make it convenient for their own dark purposes. The teacher was emphasizing terrorists called themselves "freedom fighters." The misinterpretation of the fact the teacher called the 9-11 terrorists "freedom fighters" is far from accurate.

Every school year, the district supports Patriots' Day and honors those who were subjected to the hateful act of terrorism that was brought upon this country; the district supports the United States' efforts in combating terrorism.

In Lumberton, the school district has offered a Christian Bible Study class that was available to all students, as well as allow student led Christian Organizations called "Raiders for Christ;" "God's Team;" and "Kids for Christ."