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Welcome to Lumberton ISD!

Lumberton ISD provides students the skills to become productive members of society

Lumberton ISD unites as a professional learning community committed to student development.


 Lumberton Raider Fight Song 

Hit ‘em high!  Hit ‘em low!  
Hit ‘em harder!  Watch them go!
As the Raiders go fighting along.
Game to game,  still the same,  
as we roll on to our fame.
As the Raiders go fighting along.
For it’s high, high hee!  Off to victory!
Shout out your praises loud and clear!
Big “L”!!!
And through the years, you will hear our cheers.
As the Raiders of Lumberton High!  

School Song

To you we sing our praises,
Mighty Raiders true,

Emblem of our hopes and faith.

We pledge our love to you,

And as the years go by us

And our fondness grows,

We will forever praise our

Lumberton High School.

Go….fight….go, fight, win.