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What is BYOD?


BYOD is the Bring Your Own Device Initiative at LISD offering a way for students to to bring their own technology for academic uses.  Students typically love to use devices including everything from smart phones to PC's or tablets.

BYOD Pilot 2012: As a progressing initiative during the 2012-13 school LISD continued expanding the BYOD Pilot Classes identifying strategies for using student devices benefiting learning, engagement, and success. Campuses offered meetings with parents of those students in the pilot classes. 

BYOD Expansion 2013: Beginning this fall all students in 4th through 12th grades may participate in the program.  At their professional discretion, teachers wishing to take advantage of student devices will work to build blended learning environments seizing the best of face to face and telecommunications to enrich learning.
Existing campus procedures/policies regarding student personal devices remain in place.  
Students with permission and are participants in the pilot classes can access the LISD wireless network. See the student handbook for information on BYOD permission and guidelines for participation.

What can students do in BYOD classes?