BYOD Tool Ideas

With a simple search on BYOD and schools or lessons, you will find many many resources available and usually for free to use in making your content lessons even more engaging for student learning.  Here are only a few:

Innovative Blog Spot

The Innovative This site contains many links to ideas for using BYOT in the classroom and lesson examples (explore).


Put a Face With That Message: 
Motivate students to participate, improve message comprehension, introduce technology in a fun way, and learn more effective language skills.


Social Network for Education:
This tool is a lot like face book with much much more and a tool designed with teachers and students in mind!

 QR CODE KAYWA Create a Coded Message: 
QR Code Kaywa allows users to publish a QA code such as the one on the BYOT link above which can include a link, a text message, or even an sms message.


Smart Student Response System:  
works with any device. See more ideas from the blog at the bottom of the page on how teachers use this.


140 Characters or Less: 
Tell others your ideas, answers, and questions.

Padlet is a software people use to make and share content with others:
Somewhere between a doc and a full-fledged website builder, Padlet empowers everyone to make the content they want, whether it's a quick bulletin board, a blog, or a portfolio.


Be A Voice In a  Thread:  
See a visual of collaborators' voices, text messages, and pictures around discussion topics within a slide show.