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Parent Flu Brochure  

H1N1 Curriculum: While we do not anticipate an outbreak of H1N1 flu, we have created this web page with a set of curriculum links to ensure continuity of learning should there be a need to implement an alternative learning setting. 
Instructional assignments are posted online at each teacher's web page.

On-Line Learning Resources for Students and Parents    
Texas Education Agency Curriculum Resources   
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Teaching and Learning Resources 
Education World 

Reading Lists:
Pre-K : The StoryPlace Pre-School Library is full of great activities for you to explore.  Choose a theme to start the fun! 
Children's Storybooks Online  : Many wonderful free children's books are available to read at Children's Storybooks Online. Stories span age ranges from preschool, young children, and teens.

First Grade List   
Second Grade List

Third Grade List  

Fourth Grade List   
Fifth Grade List

Sixth Grade List   
Seventh Grade List   
Eighth Grade List 

Reading Tips for Parents  Reading Strategies for Parents  Reading is Fundamental 

Elementary School Games 
ABC MATCH :  Matching game of letters and sounds (picture of an apple matches with a picture of the letter A)-best suited for first graders or younger.   
PICTURE MATCH : Matching game where you can sort words by their first letter sound, their short vowel sound, or their long vowel sound-best suited for students in grades 1-3.   
GRAMMAR PRACTICE PARK :  Website that has a variety of games for students in grades 3-5 to practice various aspects of grammar.   
FLIP A CHIP : Game where you flip two chips over to create a word (that is made up of a root plus a prefix or a suffix) and then decide where in the paragraph the word fits-best suited for upper elementary students or early middle school students.   
TIME FOR KIDS HOMEWORK HELPER:   Included are some of the best websites. To see the best sites in a more specific topic, like Biographies or Books & Authors, click on a subtopic.  

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF VIRTUAL MANIPULATIVES: This website addresses all grade spans. The instructions are accessible by clicking on the instructions link for each cell. Please be aware that, due to the virtual manipulatives, it takes a while for pages to load.
FUNBRAIN : This site contains several math related games. We recommend Math arcade, math baseball, and car racing.
COUNT US IN : This site contains games designed to help students understand basic number concepts. It is mostly for primary students.

ZOOM SCIENCE : Mixing hot science with cool ideas. This website for kids has over 100 different activities that can be done with materials all readily available at home. Check out activities in chemistry, engineering, the five senses, forces and motion, life sciences, patterns, sound, structures, and water. Each activity can be printed out.

The Library of Congress : The Library of Congress is the nation's foremost repository of historical and literary materials. From the Family homepage, links are recommended to America's Library for grades K-8, Lifelong Literacy for grades 5-12, and American Memory for grades 8-12. The latter link takes students to a robust search engine from which students may access millions of documents.   
The Smithsonian Institution:   "The Smithsonian has collected more than 142 million objects-from flags and fossils, to sculptures and spacecrafts, to toys and tapestries. There's something for everyone at the Smithsonian. Check out Smithsonian Kids for lots of fast, fun, cool, scary, patriotic, and beautiful things from the Smithsonian!"
The White House : The federal government maintains a White House website that contains a number of interesting links for children. Students in grades K-5 will find a link to information about the various pets that Presidential families have had with them in the White House (click PETS on the left hand side of the homepage); and, students in grades 5-8 that are also sports fans will enjoy the photographs and information linked to the SPORTS site on the same homepage.

Websites of Interest 
Lumberton Public Library   
Internet Public Library for Kids