Monday, August 31 School Return

Preliminary Update from LISD: We are so blessed to have weathered this storm with very minimal damage to our school facilities. All of our first responders will have moved out of our buildings by tomorrow morning and everything will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized this weekend. We are allowing a few groups to keep using some corners of our parking lots to stage relief efforts and food stations for their workers. These few things should not cause a disruption to our school operations.
We will resume normal operations on Monday, August 31. However, we are currently working on some repairs to the AC system at the Intermediate School. We are cautiously optimistic that it will be repaired by Monday. We have a technician committed to working all weekend to get it done. If it is not fixed in a timely manner, then we will allow Intermediate to do Asynchronous, at-home learning until it is repaired.
If we have to go Asynchronous, at-home learning for the Intermediate, we will make that announcement as soon as we know for sure. In this case the Intermediate School will post more detailed instructions of their Facebook page. If this happens, then the Digital Learning Team will be at the Intermediate School on Monday morning to support teachers as they make final preparations for Google Classroom remote instruction. For any specific at-home learning questions please reach out to the campus on Monday morning.
If you are unable to attend school on Monday, August 31, either in-person, or at-home, for reasons due to Hurricane Laura, please contact the campus office and let them know. We understand the needs of our community and hope everyone is able to return to normalcy soon. 
We will continue to update everyone and we will confirm the Intermediate School AC status to you as soon as we know more.