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Digital Learning Services
Mary Johnson Director of Digital Learning Services
Adrienne Langston District Instructional Technology Specialist
Jayme Grisham District Instructional Technology Specialist
Jeanette King District Instructional Technology Specialist


 Information Technology
Daniel Cazares Director of Information Technology
Darren Carruth District Technician
Rockford Coward District Technician
Stuart Litton District Technician
Amy Racca Information Technology Secretary


Instructional Technology


Visionary Statement

LISD vision is to place technology into the hands of all students to provide universal learning.


LISD Instructional Technology is committed to providing services and solutions to promote a 21st century environment. Enhancing the technology skills of our students will ensure productive citizens in an increasingly technological world.


Our goal is to offer continuous support to teachers and staff in order to transform the learning environment, to collaboratively infuse the technology into instructional curriculum, and to extend and develop opportunities for our students to become life-long learners.


  1. Establish consistent and open communication with teachers and staff.
  2. Provide technology resources and training to teachers in order to enhance meaningful curriculum to our students.
  3. Address and implement the ever evolving expectations of technology TEKS.
  4. Prepare our students with digital tools and the essential skills to be successful in a global society.